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Wolfram's community

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Wolfram Von Bielefeld's Fan Community!
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Community dedicated to Wolfram Von Bielefeld, a character from Kyou Kara Maou series.

♪ R U L E S ♪

**First you must know that from 30/3/06 every member needs to be approved. It's a way to keep track of the members since I've seen the number of members increasing and decreasing too often for it to be normal.**

- Your posts must be about Wolfram. Let's chat about him, write what we think about his relationships with others and so on.

- Discussions are highly appreciated.

- Any pairing that includes Wolfram is more than welcome.

- No bashing other people or other KKM character.

- Any post longer than 6 lines should be put under lj-cut, this includes fanarts and if you make a lot of icons, make sure you put them under the cut with 3 previews outside.

- Fanfictions are welcomed, as long as Wolfram is one of the main characters. For fanfics, cut is essential; leave only the title, pairing, rating and genre outside.

- Sharing is always, gladly accepted and allowed. However, since KKM is licensed in some places, if you share episodes, or songs, please f-lock the entry. This is also done to prevent overuse of bandwidth.

- Please cut any post that has adult content in it.

- F-lock can be used also in other posts, it's up to your judgment.

- A little off topic and chat (especially when replying on comments) is of course allowed, just bring the discussion to other places if it becomes too long.

- Comments on entries are loved, we all like the same thing, it's good to have a little talk about it.

- Please know that the main language here is English. We understand if English is not your first language, but please, no SMS language, no AOL slang, no I337 language, and absolutely no typing LiKe ThiZ

- In order to avoid f-list flooding, we ask that our members cross-post with discretion. We love reading every post! So we ask that if you cross-post between the communities, please wait one or two days before posting the same thing on another KKM community. This way you can spread your work and avoid f-list flooding.

- Make sure you use tags when posting fanfics or fanarts, it will be easier for people to find things.

- RPG Advertisement is not allowed, however if you have a community related to KKM and Wolfram and want to advertise it here, please ask the mods first and you'll have 99% their permission.

- Always ask the original poster's permission before posting links not uploaded by you or fanarts not done by you.
♥ T R A N S L A T I O N S ♥
★ D O U J I N S H I ★
- Doujinshi sharing should be always locked; we encourage you, if you have a doujinshi that you wanted to share, lock those posts and keep track of the downloads, we don't really like leechers.

- For the doujinshi that require password, please kindly reply under the post. A mod will reply you with the password.

- Doujinshi reupload requests can only be made in this post and please read the rules about sharing doujinshi outside the community before you ask for requests, thank you.
♥ M O D E R A T O R S ♥
~ B A N N E R S ~
With the help of some talented members, we have some banners that you can put in your userinfo. Please see this post and this post.

Made by kororo_minamoto

Made by wipes_nose

Layout brushes/textures credits can be found here.
☆ A F F I L I A T E S ☆

Want to affiliate? Send an email to marumalove @ gmail.com (remember to remove the spacing)
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